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Float Cum Boost Charger
(FCBC - 01)

Power Pulse is introducing high Frequency Compact Footprint Telecom Power Supply also called as Float Cum Boost Charger or FCBC. They are widely used for Telecom Application

Dc Dc Converter With Adjustability (DCC - 02)

We supply our range of Dc-Dc Converter with adjustability, which converts a source of direct current from one voltage level to another. They are procured from our reliable vendors who ensure that they are of excellent quality. These power converters can be used to save space instead of using multiple batteries to accomplish the same purpose.

Battery Charger
(BC - 07)

We are involved in offering Battery Chargers that are designed and develop at our vendors end by using superior quality component and latest technology. The products comply to defined quality standards and protect the device from frequent power fluctuations.

Dc Power Pack

POWER PULSE is engaged in offering DC power Packs (with battery inside) which gives optimum performance to our valued clients. These DC POWER PACKS are extensively used in Textile, Apartments and various other industries for Running Coils, annunciators, actuators during important industrial operations. Based on latest technology, our DC power Packs are given out with promise of superior performance. We use best quality Raw materials in the production of these DC power packs along with best quality of batteries.

AC DC Converter

POWER PULSE is providing a range of converter such as AC-DC Converter, DC-DC CONVERTER, and AC-AC & DC-AC CONVERTERS. The converters are manufactured at our in-house production unit. High quality components are used in assembling these converters. Each product is passed on multi quality checks to deliver the clients with zero defect products. POWER PULSE provides these converters with promise of superior performance that goes on for several years.

SMPS For Fire Security & Camera

POWER PULSE also manufactures DC Power Panel for cameras at Airports, Hotels, Large Bank Units, Govt. Offices, and Important Buildings. These switch and electrical panel components are suitable for all types of DC power panels. These components work on AC power supplies. The range of our power distribution panels, are mainly used to distribute direct current or DC power to range of devices like CAMERAS, ACCESS CONTROL, RFIDREADERS, ANTENNAS AND OTHER AUTOMATION/ COMMUNICATION DEVICES. These SMPS are based on the most advanced technology available today for developed innovative products. Our SMPS and panels are guaranteed for NO FLICKER in cameras.

DC Power Supplies

DC Power Supplied by POWER PULSE is specially customized & designed to meet odd Voltage and current and also multiple DC output requirements, these are also designed to replace the foreign Power Supplies/SMPS in the Printing, Packing, Lamination, Petrochemical, Paper, Pouching, and Spinning & Weaving Mills/Plants. With extended warranty up to 2 yrs. Cards approvals: UL60950, C-UL(CSA60950) EN 60950, EN50178 Complies with DEN-AN and IEC60950, conducted noise approvals: complies with FCC-B, CISPR22-B, EN55022B and VCCI-B, Low voltage Directive and EMC Directive, Harmonic Attenuator: Complies with IEC6100 0-3-2, Universal input, 24/33 VDC output (adj.+-10%), digital output voltage and currant display

Customized Power Supplies

Customized Power Converters are also offered by POWER PULSE. These power converters are particularly designed and customized as per the technical specs of the clients. We have best of knowledge of experts as well as state of the art facilities to offer our customers customized power converters. You just let us know your need and find our product ready. We provide customized power converters with promise of superior performance.

SMPS & Power Supplies

Our company offers a range of different power supplies such as SMPS (10 Watts - 1000Watts), SMPS - 5 VOLT (5 TO 40 AMP), MULTI CHANNEL SUPPLY FOR VEHICLE SCANNING SYSTEMS, 10 Watts to 70 Watts SMPS, POWER SUPPLY TRIPLE REDUNDANT - 48VOLT, SMPS Adapter Power supply, and 300 Watt to 320 Watts SMPS. These can also be customized as per the requirement produced by clients. We have all the facilities to fulfill any size and any kind of order related to Power Supplies. You can contact us for more information related to our products.

Telecommunication Power Equipment

Telecommunication -48volt Equipments are used for Telephonic Communication Purpose. POWER PULSE manufactures -48 volt FCBC charger from 6Amp to 25Amp and above. These FCBC chargers /DC power plants are used for optical fiber network, SDH systems, STMs, Opti MUX, OLT MUX, EPABX and EPBX systems. These are rigged and proven power systems with CISPR22 Class A certification from ERTL.

Battery Chargers

POWER PULSE offers a complete range of Battery Chargers. Our chargers are used for charging a battery set and supplying DC load by transforming alternating current into direct current from the power supply. Our battery chargers have been proven appropriate for all kinds and capacities of batteries. We offer these batteries chargers with features like wide Input voltage tolerance and protection for short circuit and overloading. All our battery chargers are available at reasonable pricing. POWER PULSE can customize Battery chargers and float cum boost chargers as per the specifications of the customer. POWER PULSE manufactures Single channel, Dual channel, Multi channel and high capacity Industrial chargers. POWER PULSE also manufactures special battery chargers for moving or Rail-moving platforms.

Security Equipment

POWER PULSE manufacturer a quality range of customized power solutions for security and automation with Loop Detection, RFID, Antenna operation, Cascaded Timers, Camera Power etc. Adapters which are exported to a wide clientele across the world are SMPS based. POWER POULSE manufacturers DC Power Panels for security Camera, Access control applications to cater upto 100 DC connections from a single panel. 24VAC OR 12VDC outputs are frequently provided in these panels.

Latest Trade Offers
Power pulse is manufacturing fcbc for opti-mux, OLT MUX, SDH, STM-1-4, optical fiber network and telephone exchanges & for EPBX & EPABX. These are power pulse make -48v..
Dc Dc Converter For Camera & Media Converters
We are manufacturing EMC/EMI compliant DC to DC converter with input range 210-370VDC OR 120-370VDc
( Or more) with outputs 12vdc/5 amps, 24vdc,5amps ..

Welcome to POWER PULSE

Technological developments are happening at the pace of a racer's bike. With companies spending considerable amounts on their research and development, innovations have become the new buzz word of the industrial sector. In this age of stiff competition, each company functions with the sole objective of outdoing its competitors. We, Power Pulse, concentrate primarily on the needs and requirements of the customers, and design our products based on their specifications. A happy clientele is a sure shot mantra towards a successful career of an organization.

What We Offer ?
Power Pulse has established itself as an eminent manufacturer, supplier and exporter of a wide range of electronic products. Our list of products includes:
Telecom Power Supply Customized Power Supplies
DC Converter Security Equipments
Customized Power Supplies
Battery Charger SMPS for Fire, Security & Camera
DC Power Plant AC DC Converters
DC Power Supplies Variable Power Supplies
Panels for Camera Power Supplies
DC Power Pack Adapters
Our Certifications
ISO 9001 : 2008


(International Electrotechnical Commission)

Equivalent for Product.
ERTL (Electronics Regional
Test Laboratory)

Certification CISPRR 22
Class-A & others for Product
Specialized Features of Our Products

Our bouquet of products come with high specialized features that make them the preferred choice of our customers. Some of the features are:

They are endowed with high Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF)
They have received international approvals
They can survive a temperature of up to 100o Celsius They are also equipped with OVP, OCP and
thermal protection.
The products are equipped with AC & DC input  

We are registered with CENTRAL EXCISE, CST, LST, VAT, IEC etc.

Providing a range of customized electronic solutions, in accordance to our customers' needs and requirements.....

We also Export countries like Iraq, USA, Dubai, Kenya & South Africa.

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