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Power pulse is manufacturing fcbc for opti-mux, OLT MUX, SDH, STM-1-4, optical fiber network and telephone exchanges & for EPBX & EPABX. These are power pulse make -48v..
Dc Dc Converter For Camera & Media Converters
We are manufacturing EMC/EMI compliant DC to DC converter with input range 210-370VDC OR 120-370VDc
( Or more) with outputs 12vdc/5 amps, 24vdc,5amps ..

Customized Power Supplies

Customized Power Converters are also offered by POWER PULSE. These power converters are particularly designed and customized as per the technical specs of the clients. Power Pulse has best of knowledge of experts as well as state of the art facilities to offer our customers customized power converters. You just let us know your need and find our product ready. Power Pulse provide customized power converters with promise of superior performance





Multi channel Power Supply for Critical applications

Universal or 170-264V
AC, 50HZ, Single Phase
DC Input
48V DC/110V DC/ 220V DC

5V, 14.5V, 18.5V, 24V or as per customers requirement
Output adjustability (optional)
Carry handle & Flanges
Rack mountable (or Table Top)
Signals from Loop detector can be processed & automated to run the boom barriers, cameras and scanner etc.
PC can also be attached through parallel port
Signal from & to sensor can be processed
Over Current, over voltage & short circuit protection
**xxx refers to total wattage
**yyy refers to output voltage
Security systems
Building management systems
CCTV cameras operation
Power Pack (With Inbuilt Batteries)

PC Compatible /programmable Power Systems

85V to 264VDC/172V to 264V/170 to 300V AC 50Hz Single phase
24V DC or 12V DC
Carryhandles & Flanges
Rack mountable (or) Table Top
PC connectivity through parallel port
OP temp. range -10° to 50°C
Output: 4/8/16 channel
Over Current, over voltage & short circuit protection
3 Pin connectors for camera outputs (Power to camera)
**xxx refers to total wattage
**yyy refers to output voltage
CCTV Cameras
Security Cameras
Building management system etc.
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