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Power pulse is manufacturing fcbc for opti-mux, OLT MUX, SDH, STM-1-4, optical fiber network and telephone exchanges & for EPBX & EPABX. These are power pulse make -48v..
Dc Dc Converter For Camera & Media Converters
We are manufacturing EMC/EMI compliant DC to DC converter with input range 210-370VDC OR 120-370VDc
( Or more) with outputs 12vdc/5 amps, 24vdc,5amps ..

DC Power Supplies

DC Power Supplied by Power Pulse is specially customized design to meet odd Voltage and current requirements also designed to replace the foreign power supplies/SMPS in the printing, packing, lamination, petrochemical, paper, pouching, spinning & weaving mills/plants. With extended warranty up to 2 yrs. Cards approvals: UL60950, C-UL(CSA60950) EN 60950, EN50178 Complies with DEN-AN and IEC60950, conducted noise approvals: complies with FCC-B, CISPR22-B, EN55022B and VCCI-B, Low voltage Directive and EMC Directive, Harmonic Attenuator: Complies with IEC6100 0-3-2, Universal input, 24/33 VDC output (adj.+-10%), digital output voltage and currant display.





DC Power Supplies

Universal or 170-264V
AC, 50HZ, Single Phase
DC Input
48V DC/110V DC/ 220V DC
5V, 14.5V, 18.5V, 24V or as per customers requirement
Output adjustability (optional)
Carry handle & Flanges
Rack mountable (or Table Top)
Signals from Loop detector can be processed & automated to run the boom barriers, cameras and scanner etc.
PC can also be attached through parallel port
Signal from up to sensor can be processed
Over Current, over voltage & short circuit protection
**xxx refers to total wattage
**yyy refers to output voltage
Security systems
Building management systems
CCTV cameras operation

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