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Power pulse is manufacturing fcbc for opti-mux, OLT MUX, SDH, STM-1-4, optical fiber network and telephone exchanges & for EPBX & EPABX. These are power pulse make -48v..
Dc Dc Converter For Camera & Media Converters
We are manufacturing EMC/EMI compliant DC to DC converter with input range 210-370VDC OR 120-370VDc
( Or more) with outputs 12vdc/5 amps, 24vdc,5amps ..

Power Systems for Automation

Power Pulse manufactures Power Systems for Automation, RFID, RF Antennas, Coil Actuator Annunciator etc. This Power system includes SMPS for PLC Panels, SCADA Panels, AMF Panels, SPMs and other Automation Panels. They range from 24VDC 1AMP to 24VDC 40AMP as standard module & higher capacities are available as Customized Power Supplies. The SMPS can be customized as per requirement of RFID card reader, Distribution Access Control, Antenna etc. These can also be customized for a DC input ranging from 12VDC/ 24VDC/ 48VDC/ 110VDC & 220VDC and even for higher inputs. To protect costlier equipment a current limited output with a cascaded timer circuit can be provided specially for the applications for Mobile/ Vehicle automation and monitoring.





10 WATT TO 200 WATT DC-DC converter

12V DC, 24 V DC, 48 V DC, 110 V DC
5VDC, 12VDC, 24VDC, 48VDC
10W, 20W, 30W, 50W, 70W, 100W, 150W, 200W
Model No.
*xxx refers to total voltage
*yyy refers to output voltage
RF Antennas
Coil Actuators
AMF Panels
PLC Panels
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